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Female Foreplay Positions

While men do think about positions for intercourse on a common basis, little attention is paid to female foreplay positions that could heighten the sexual atmosphere of an evening. If you are not thinking about good foreplay positions, then you are not taking the necessary time to please your lover. Female foreplay is about making her happy. Think about what your woman likes and which positions would be best suited for her wants and needs.

Firstly, foreplay is not only about physical pleasure. You need to get your partner in the right emotional and mental state as well. One way to do this is to make plenty of eye contact by standing face to face. Many good foreplay positions focus on the facial interaction between lovers. By seeing her eyes and face you can correctly gauge what is the correct next move. Also, standing face to face is the perfect position to start in as it is an easy way to undress while focusing on your lover’s face. It is quite easy to transition from this position into any other position as well.

Another option to begin female foreplay is to have your woman lay down on a bed or couch face down. In this position, you can straddle her hips and give her a nice massage. You can incorporate scented oils to make it more sensual. The massage should start as a simple back rub but can progress to include kisses, thus increasing the intensity. Also, you can lean forward and whisper in her ear. Your woman will enjoy this position as it is all about her. At this angle, it can be difficult for her to speak or communicate, so you will need to judge her body language to determine which massage methods are working and how to proceed.

Yet another position that works for both could be the traditional spooning position. This is when you both lay on your sides on a couch or bed with your chest to her back and your arm draped over her body. From this position your hands can explore multiple parts of her body. Similar to the massage position, you can use being near to her ears as an advantage by whispering arousing comments in her ear. Also, you can run your hand through her hair. This position transitions very well to a face to face position in bed as all she has to do is roll over. Thus it makes a natural progression from you focusing on her to both of you focusing on each other.

The key to successful foreplay is remembering why you are doing it and what you hope to gain. You are doing this because it will trigger the emotional as well as the physical signals that will lead to arousal. Choosing the right female foreplay positions will help to increase the passion involved and make it a night to remember.

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